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About Us

Who We Are

The St. Clair/Erskine Park Christian Church (StEP CC) began in 1986 and today the church is a group of various cultures and ages. The Church is an autonomous and independent church consisting of born-again believers who seek to worship and function according to New Testament principles, accepting Jesus Christ as our Head.

We are not overseen by any ecclesiastical body or authority, nor do we seek a denominational identity. However we are associated with the Christian Brethren Assemblies throughout Australia (also known as Christian Community Churches of Australia (CCC Aust.).

What We Believe

(Full info in “What We Believe” document)

At StEP CC we believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit and trust in the Bible as His message to us. We preach Jesus Christ crucified, died and risen again and believe everyone may have eternal life by grace, through faith in the work of Jesus. We believe that everyone is made equal by God, and so all are welcome.

Our Vision

That StEP CC will be the Church community God desires

Our Purpose

To be a Church maturing in Christ and so serving Christ in our community

Child Protection Policy

St Clair/Erskine Park Christian Church (StEPCC) seeks to take seriously the Bible’s mandate to be proactive in the welcoming, spiritual nurture, protection, safety and care of those in our ministries – both adults and children. StEPCC also aims to enable and protect those ministering to children.